Tools and systems to guide appropriate use of medicinal products in twelve EU Member States (D2.07)


The objective of D2.07 was to provide an overview of which tools and systems are available at the national level to guide the appropriate use of medicinal products in EU Member States. This report looks at all tools/systems for guiding appropriate use at the national level, even if these may not be directly applicable in the context of a MAPPs-type pathway.

To achieve this objective, we have conducted a survey in twelve EU Member States in the second half of 2016 to determine which tools/systems are currently available to guide appropriate use in the individual Member State, their perceived or measured impact on guiding appropriate use, and the complexity of implementing the tool/system. The survey provided input for a multi-stakeholder workshop that was held as part of the Annual Meeting of the IMI ADAPT SMART Project on 17 January 2017 in London, UK. The results of the survey and the workshop are discussed in this report. The work in D2.07 resulted in proposals for further study and in recommendations to national healthcare systems, European Commission, EMA, healthcare providers and patients.