Podcast: MAPPs – Agreeing on Success

On 5 July, key stakeholders involved in the MAPPs conversation met to discuss the tools needed to define endpoints and success measures in MAPPs. Participants included Richard Barker, founding director, Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI); Claudine Sapede-Kniffel, Global HTA & Payment Policy Lead, F. Hoffmann-La Roche; Anja Schiel, Senior Advisor and Statistician, NOMA (The Norwegian Medicines Agency).

“I think success will depend really on the ability of manufacturers and then payers in each individual country to find a mutually acceptable solution. This is country-specific, because we need to look at the healthcare system, the disease specifics, and the difference requirements in terms of evidence that the payers want to see…” 

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“Although we would all like certainty, we don’t even have certainty today… The RichardBarkerclinical data  that comes in, even in today’s process, has a high degree of uncertainty. We have to square up in a very adult way, to the fact that there’s always uncertainty…”

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“We have to understand that there are patient populations that are absolutely willing to take any risk for an active treatment, but no risk for being in the placebo arm… We have to listen to patients who say ‘fine, you want this data; but we want treatment’…”

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